Gypsy Sol - Psychic Intuitive

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Out of the Darkness...Into the Light

I am an intuitive soul who wants to help you navigate through life.  Either from personal experience, intuitive guidance, spiritual prayer, energy healing, or helping you see the bigger picture, I want to assist you in your journey.  I employ my heart and my internal wisdom to offer guidance and support. 

I have been looking at hands for over 20 years, learning intuitively the lines and their meanings. 

I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.  In addition to teaching reiki as it relates to offering energy to people, I offer a special class for those wishing to learn reiki for their animals, called Animal Reiki.  I have a special place in my heart for animals and offering energy work to them.  My class has a special focus on canine chakra balancing as part of a reiki session.  

I've been reading Bral Talej Divination Cards for a few years.  These cards are wonderful story tellers....painting a picture of options for you to consider as you move through your days. 

I will often reach out and touch your hand so that I might connect with your energy and then listen quietly for messages to be brought through for you.  I hear songs, phrases, see pictures, receive deep, undeniable urges to communicate messages to you.  

Readings are delivered in person through private readings either in person or on the phone, at festivals, special events or parties.  

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