Gypsy Sol

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Out of the Darkness...Into the Light

Thank you for visiting.  I am an intuitive soul who wants to help you navigate through life.  Either from personal experience, intuitive guidance, spiritual prayer, energy healing, or helping you see the bigger picture, I want to assist you in your journey.  I employ my heart and my internal wisdom to offer guidance and support. 

I have been looking at hands for over 20 years, learning intuitively the lines and their meanings. 

I learned Usui Reiki, a form of Japanese energy work, that is used to conduct the energy from the universe directly to you for your highest good.  I subscribe to the thought of "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and teach those who are seeking to use reiki for themselves, their pets and as a career.  Through a study of reiki, I learned about chakras, how they tell a story of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves and how to balance them.

I bought my first set of 'oracle' cards over 2 years ago and I love them.  

I use Faden crystals to connect with you and and get downloads of short movie-like dreams that I explain and interpret for you.  It is all from an energetic connection with you and the devices I use to help shine a headlight on the days, weeks and months ahead.  I also use Phenacite and Apophyllite crystals when working with you, as well. 

Contact Me an intuitive or reiki session today.

Also available for special events, parties, corporate functions and more. 

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